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Climate Hots Up - Despite Winter Chills

The employment climate is hotter than it has been for at least a decade, and the events of the next six months will determine the forces that will impact upon our employment surround for the next severall years.

Strike action is at the highest level in a long time, and several key negotiations are still under way.  With COSATU unions still firmly focussed on double figure increases, and employer's being reluctant to move upwards towards the union target range, more strikes seem inevitable,  The Public Sector negotiations will also test Government stance.

The labour broker issue will not lead to outright banning, but, as we suggested, to regulation.  We think it is also probable that issues such as 'independent contractor' clarification, as well as further light as to who exactly is in an employment relationship will also surface as a part of this intervention.

Relationship between Government and COSATU will also be tested going forward.  The unoion confederation is more confident and vocal than it has been for some time, and Government no longer needs to make electoral promises, but to deliver.  The unions will be pushing hard - we have yet to see how Government will respond.

It looks as if much of the labour landscape as we know it at present might be in for some re-arrangement.


Climate Hots Up - Despite Winter Chills