Misconduct & Dishonesty

Bad employees won't become good ones!

There are number of truths in employment.  This body of learning is known universally as the 'Levy Laws of Labour'.  The laws are numbered, and from time to time are added to, but one of the early laws - somewhere around number three or four is the axiom that bad employees don't become good employees.

What this simply means, is that if you have cause to dismiss an employee who has a bad record, and been nothing but trouble, then you should do it, becauseif you baulk at the task, the employee will simply need to be dismissed later, as he won't change in attitude or conduct.

Inevitably, the subsequent dismissal becomes more difficult and more complex, and turns out to cost more in time and money.  This is often a case where the employer ends up throwing good money after bad, so to speak.

This is not to suggest that employees who err should not be given a chance to improve or mend their ways, but simply to say, that if an employer is satisfied that the employment relationship has no future, then it is better to end it sooner rather than later.