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Getting Your Own Back

Amongst employees, the employer is usually seen as a grasping mean-hearted skin flint, ready to make unfair deductions from employee’s pay packets at the drop of a hat (why not see our comment on this question?).

Deductions from wages and salaries are generally prohibited without employee agreement, subject to S34 of the BCEA.
However, we recently came across an employer who is, without question the worst example we have ever seen. Relationship had obviously soured, because when the employee resigned, the employer deducted the cost of the paper on which the resignation was written (R1.25), the envelope that was used (R5.00), and the ink used (55c).

Even Ebeneezer Scrooge, Dickens’s archetype of the miserable employer would not have gone that far!

We don’t know if the employee complained to the Department of Labour or not, for the cost of recovery to the public purse would be thousands of Rands.

Who said justice was cheap?