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Annoyed employer pays 'heavy' settlement.

A Russian employer, resentful over an unpaid leave claim from two former employees has paid them the more than one thousand dollars they wanted, but with thousands of five-kopek coins, each one only valued at a fraction of a cent.

Explaining that his former employees had wanted lots of money, the boss was pleased to have literally given them just that, in the form of thirty three bags filled with nearly useless coins. It was reported that they had been laid off recently, in response to the current financial crisis around the globe.

The company was forced to comply after a complaint had been laid with the Russian labour authorities. The payment was delivered by the company, and the women apparently had to get friends to help them carry the bags, weighing in at about twenty kilograms.

The boss, most likely as a parting shot, said that the two women had been dismissed because they had wasted too much time doing personal web browsing during office hours.

They certainly will have plenty of time to surf the web and count their pennies now.


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