Fun & Trivia

What's in a Name?

A rose, as Shakespeare reminds us, would by any other name smell as sweet.   Nevertheless, from time to time combinations come up which seem almost to be too good to be true - like the legend of the dentist whose name was Dr. I Screech.

We have come across one or two shopstewards, known as 'Terror', to which their managements would no doubt agree, and we have an ex-Minister of Labour called "Tito" - reminding us of the Communist Marshall of the same name, but perhaps the prize goes to the Western Cape NUM organiser who was quoted in regard to the Construction Workers strike, and who rejoices in the name of 'Happiness Holiday"  No doubt, he was born on May 1st, Labour Day in order to earn such an optimistic name.  Anyway, the best of luck to him, and may the sun always shine on his days off, or at least he should be paid double on such holidays, to ensure his happiness.