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It's not in my job description

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Job Description

"I draw lines, I don't move trees"

Is it reasonable to have expected the maintenance team tasked with painting the markings on this road to have removed the tree?

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Just when you think youv'e seen it all!

It was a particularly harrowing dismissal case, which ran for over a year, and was subject to many delays and technicalities.  The employee alleged constructive dismissal, and put forward a case which we saw as an absolute no-hoper - and the arbitrator agreed.  The employee lost hands down, but not before significant cost and aggravation to the employer who had to oppose the application, which it saw as being vexatious and based on falsehoods and untruths.

Imagine the MD's absolute amazement when some six weeks later he received the following SMS on his personal cell phone

"Congrats u proved me wrong sorry for what i put you thru.  Now that (name removed) and (name removed) are out of the picture (two other employees with whom she did not get on) can you perhaps give me a 2nd chance.  I miss my job.  Will understand if u hate me but i know i can be an asset to y company.  Pls think about it if I dont hear from u I will understand"

The utter cheek and affrontery leaves one absolutely speechless - particularly in the light of the allegations about the employer being a vindictive, unfair, victimising discriminatory and unsavoury character, who 'forced her to resign'.

On the day when the employee alleged that things finally became intolerable, she tabled a letter saying that she had been forced to resign, and two hours later was working for a competitor, using information that appeared to have come from her previous employer.

How about that!

It seems an appropriate moment to reiterate one of the Levy Laws of Labour.  'Bad employees seldom become good employees'   It seems that even Mother Theresa herself would not give such a person a second chance.

Pipped at the Post!

Notice on a post boxWe received this particular picture from one of our overseas correspondents. It would seem that unergonomic postboxes are squarely in the sights of the royal mail! Click here to view the full image

An extract from the notice reads as follows:

"This pillar box has been closed due to Health and Safety

The ergonomic position of this pillar box is causing health & fitness issues for the staff that maintain the clearance at this collection point. "

What's in a Name?

A rose, as Shakespeare reminds us, would by any other name smell as sweet.   Nevertheless, from time to time combinations come up which seem almost to be too good to be true - like the legend of the dentist whose name was Dr. I Screech.

We have come across one or two shopstewards, known as 'Terror', to which their managements would no doubt agree, and we have an ex-Minister of Labour called "Tito" - reminding us of the Communist Marshall of the same name, but perhaps the prize goes to the Western Cape NUM organiser who was quoted in regard to the Construction Workers strike, and who rejoices in the name of 'Happiness Holiday"  No doubt, he was born on May 1st, Labour Day in order to earn such an optimistic name.  Anyway, the best of luck to him, and may the sun always shine on his days off, or at least he should be paid double on such holidays, to ensure his happiness.