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UPDATE: Labour Brokers - The Battle Hots Up

The volume of the anti-labour broker cry has been increasing exponentially, and it is something to which all should pay heed.

In the latest move, organisational activity and dispute declaration is increasing rapidly amongst labour brokers themselves, and it seems as if COSATU unions are following a strategy.  Organise and dispute - after all, brokered employees are 'employees' as far is the act is concerned, and this means that unions can demand organisational rights, or submit disputes on behalf of their members.  We are seeing a rapid increase in this, and it creates an important question for the labour broker itself, and an uncomfortable situation for the firm who has brokered labour on the premises.

It seems a certainty that the heat will increase significantly in the balance of this year on this controversial topic

UPDATE (by Daniel Levy): Newly appointed Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana has told the Motor Transport Workers' Union (MTWU) that there will soon be 'fireworks' over the prickly matter of the legality of using brokered labour. Referring to instances where UIF, pension and tax deductions were not implemented by the brokers themselves,  Mdladlana said that this exploitation amounted to criminal activity on their part.

Certainly this is not the last we will hear about this issue, and keep watching this space, as we will continue to monitor  and report back on the situation.

Source: Business Report. Click here for the full story.