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The Labour Broker Debate

Much noise has been made in recent months over the prickly issue of brokered labour.

As far as the media is concerned, there have been many mistruths, obviously fed by statements from Mr Membathisi Mphumzi Shepherd Mdladlana, AKA the Minister of Labour, saying that he is "prepared to die" to stop the abuse of workers rights with in South Africa.Minister of Labour

Whilst most of the noise is no doubt to quell the shouts for action from Zuma's trade-union allies, we decided it was time to address some of the actual facts of the matter, and also to canvas the other side of the debate - that being the pro labour broker camp.

Having recently moved to ban labour broking outright, Namibia now faces challenges that they had not  foreseen as a result of such action. To that end, we are proud to have a short video, produced by the Services SETA, that covers the other side of the story.



Mr. Mdladlana - A man
contemplating death?

The Namibian Video (With permission, Services SETA)